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Pizza Hut Singapore celebrates their delivery team


We have all ordered a pizza before. Pizza delivery has saved busy dinner nights, game days and parties worldwide. But rarely does the delivery person receive the praise for being our hero.

riderPizza Hut Singapore has taken the initiative to recognize the hard work of their delivery team with a monumental celebration. Delivery “riders” were recognized for their hard work that braves rush hour traffic and the woes of Mother Nature.

Singapore’s Senior Traffic Inspector, Ms. Monica Low gave a speech at the event, praising the safety of these delivery experts. Food and games followed; where the delivery members were tested on traffic signs. The night finished with an awards ceremony that recognized the best of the best.


Perhaps we need to take a page from the operations and marketing team of Singapore Pizza Hut. We should recognize the delivery heroes here at home for their hard work and dedication. It is far too often that we appreciate the pizza but not the savior that brings it to us in their trusty chariot.



I am a recent graduate from the University of Louisville. I have my B.A. in English and a minor in communication. I am a Composition Instructor at UofL and graduate student pursuing a M.A. in English. Louisville is my home town and I am very passionate about my city and my university.

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