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Cards Prepare for Takeoff

We are just days away from the University of Louisville kickoff to the 2016 football season.

Sure, we’re excited that football season is once again upon us; along with hoodies, beanies, and autumn brewed craft beers. However, this first game against the Charlotte 49ers on September 1st isn’t the type of match-up that has Card fans drooling with excitement. ESPN has the Cardinals as a 40 point favorite in this David vs. Goliath matchup. According to the ESPN Football Power Index, U of L has a 99% chance of winning this game.

Lamar Jackson FSU

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So what can Cardinal fans really be excited about? How about Lamar Jackson and the circulating chatter about his possible Heisman Trophy campaign? Even though he’s a 50-1 shot in Las Vegas, he is in ESPN’s conversation with Vince Young and Johnny Manziel per the Courier-Journal.

Coach Bobby Petrino is known around college football as an offensive mastermind with the talent to mold quarterbacks into NFL potential. Petrino also has a history of his teams establishing their dominance in his third year as coach; which this is his third year of his second stint leading the Cards.

To help Petrino lead the red and black attack, and to help Jackson in the hunt for the UL ReceiversHeisman, Louisville is stocked with a stable of receivers that are either taller than 6 ‘3, or are fast enough to run a mile and a quarter with the thoroughbreds across the street at Churchill Downs.


Last year the Cards were up and down, mainly due to the youth of the offensive line. The big boys up front had trouble giving Jackson the time he needed to throw the ball. As a result, we saw Jackson put up some big rushing numbers.

This also hindered the abilities of running backs BranRadcliff-Scottdon Radcliff and L.J. Scott. These two showed electric potential two seasons ago when we had an experienced offensive line. Last year was a bust for our running game. The line could never give the backs the holes they needed.


We as fans have more to be excited about this year!

Bobby Petrino finally has his players experienced enough to make a run for the ACC title. Lamar Jackson now knows the playbook and has remained healthy all summer. Our receivers are stacked, fast, and hungry. The offensive line has beefed up a bit and sharpened their football I.Q. to know what to do in the heat of the moment. We should expect Radcliff and Scott to explode between the tackles of a bigger and smarter offensive line.



I am a recent graduate from the University of Louisville. I have my B.A. in English and a minor in communication. I am a Composition Instructor at UofL and graduate student pursuing a M.A. in English. Louisville is my home town and I am very passionate about my city and my university.

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